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Weekend Sales 4/5/14

60L Weekends: Spring Patio – Just in time for spring 2 new patio sets. Available in whitewash wood and walnut.  Each item can be purchased separately this weekend for 60L or as a complete set for 180L. Reg priced at 600L for the complete set (total savings of 250L), 250L for the table, 250L for the table and 350 for the sofa. Items are copyable so you can rez as many as you like :), no transfer or mod.   The chair (li=3) and sofa (li=5) each have a texture hud, the pillow diamond pattern has 10 textures, and 11 seat textures, Each pillow on the sofa can be changed individually, so you can mix and match, 10 diamond textures for the pillow and 11 solid textures for the seat.  Animated seats for males and females in each seat. The table (li=5), has a fountain with a menu controller,  you can set the menu for owner only, group or anyone :), you can also turn sound off and choose the pattern of the fountain.

spring patio sofa white ad spring patio walnut sofa ad spring patio table white ad spring patio table walnut ad spring patio walnut complete spring patio white complete spring patio chair white ad spring patio walnut chair ad





























Colab sale ending soon!!! Fiesta!! – For this round I am offering a Fiesta Drink Tray & Fiesta Food Tray. Both items give animated items served from a sombrero tray.  The drink tray gives 6 different flavored: strawberry, cherry, blueberry, lime, etc,  margaritas and has a land impact of 13, The food tray gives 8 food choices: tacos, soft tacos, nachos, burittos & more and has a land impact of 12.  Available for 60L each, will be 250L

fiesta drink tray ad fiesta food tray ad










Current Hunt gifts: Evil Bunny Hunt4: You have to seach for a egg with horns for the naughty gift, and one with a halo for the nice gift, Please do the hunt so that you don’t miss out on the items, Hunt ends 4/15/14. At the end of the hunt search for the golden egg sponsor gifts. Enjoy!!












The Cookie Jar Spring Festival & Gatcha event  from 4/5/14 – 4/26/14.  Sim only event at The Cookie Jar.  Each store will have items.  There is also a garden with the gatcha items…..try your luck!!!  My hunt item is a retro seating with chairs and table,  the gatcha items are a lamp and ottoman to go with the hunt item and a garden gazebo with the gazebo, bench and chair…. have fun!!

spring festival hunt gift from PDN's Potpourri spring festival gatcha 1 spring festival gatcha 2 spring festival gatcha 3 spring festival gatcha 4 spring festival gatcha 5




Colab #93 Fiesta! – For this round I am offering a Fiesta Drink Tray & Fiesta Food Tray. Both items give animated items served from a sombrero tray.  The drink tray gives 6 different flavored: strawberry, cherry, blueberry, lime, etc,  margaritas and has a land impact of 13, The food tray gives 8 food choices: tacos, soft tacos, nachos, burittos & more and has a land impact of 12.

fiesta drink tray ad fiesta food tray ad










60L Weekends: Round Sofa Seatings for indoors and outdoors.  Both items are mesh, the outdoor version has a tree and a land impact of 7.  The indoor version has a potted plant and has a land impact of 5.  Both have animated sits  for males and females and a texture hud.  The texture hud has 36 choices, and you can mix and match the colors of the seat, pillow and pillow piping for endless color combinations.

indoor round seating ad outdoor round seating ad


Colab # 92: {egg} cellent – For this round I am offering egg chairs in silver and gold with pastel chevron fabric, just in time for spring.  Texture change hud with 9 options. 18 animated sits for males and females.  100% mesh with a land impact of 2.

egg chair gold ad egg chair silver ad








60L Weekends: New Baby Stuff: Photoframes and Cigar Dispensers, Easter Banners – Mesh Easter Banners, land impact is 2, available in 2 styles. Texture hud with 10 choices each. Baby Photoframes come in 5 styles: girl, boy, girl twins, boy twins and girl/boy twins.  100% Mesh, twin version has a land impact of 6, Single version with a land impact of 5. Simply drag your photo into center of frame.  Baby cigar dispensers are also 100% mesh with a land impact of 3, 3 styles available: girl, boy or twins. Touch to open, closes automatically. Touch inside to dispense cigars, 4 types dispensed, stand, sit, smoke and smokeless. Perfect for celebrating your new bundle of joy.

baby photoframe girl ad baby photoframe boy ad baby photoframe twin boys ad baby photoframe twin girls ad baby photoframe twin boy girl adbaby cigar dispenser girl ad baby cigar dispenser boy ad baby cigar dispenser twins adeaster banner 2 ad easter banner 1 ad


Colab #91″: Lets Dress Up – For this round I am offering a Vanity and Mirror (sold separately), both items are mesh and have animated sits, The vanity has a land impact of 12,  rezzes props and gives items. You can sit and look pretty, sing, brush your hair, do your nails and apply lotion or blush and more! The seat has a texture change hud which allows you to match your current décor.  The mirror has a land impact of 8 and includes a decorative planter.  Animations are included for male and female avatars. There are also couples animations allowing her to fix his tie or him to fasten her necklace or zip up her dress. I hope you enjoy them…

colab 91 lets dress up mirror ad colab 91 lets dress up vanity ad

60L Weekends: In keeping with the above theme, I am also offering another vanity and mirror. Mom’s Mirror and Vanity.  These items are also mesh, have animated sits.  The vanity has a land impact of 10 and the mirror 4.  The vanity allows you to brush your hair, sit and look pretty as well, apply blush, lotion and more. Use the texture hud to match your décor.  This mirror seats one avatar only and allows you to check out yourself, see if you look fat or not :), apply makeup and more..

mom's mirror ad mom's vanity ad

New!!    Mesh banners for Mardi Gras and Saint Patrick’s Day with texture change hud, your choice of 12 textures each. Land impact is 2.

mardi gras banner ad saint patricks banner ad

60L Weekends: Love letters pillows with a land impact of 2 each, COPY ONLY, can gift by choosing gift option on vendor. All 4 included, animated sits for males and females, surf the net, drink coffee and more.

love letter floor pillows ad


*****PLEASE NOTE: Beginning February 1, 2014, New items will be copy only (including items below),  If you would like to purchase a gift for someone,  use the gifting option on the vendors, If you still require a transfer item, DO NOT purchase the copy version,  please Contact Nurse Sass and I will make that available to you.  For over 4 years, I have made it easier for the customers to gift an item by allowing them to transfer them directly, but it seems that FELLOW BUILDERS,  see this as an opportunity to purchase multiple low cost items and sell them.  Sorry for the inconvience.*****

Colab #89 My Sweet Love: For this round I am offering some sweet treats just in time for Valentine’s Day.  All items are mesh and give animated treats.  Land impact is 2 -11. Sale price: 60L for 2 weeks.  Regular price will be 300L each.

colab 89 my sweet love vanilla cake colab 89 my sweet love cake colab 89 my sweet love cupcakes colab 89 my sweet love cookies colab 89 my sweet love chocolate cake

60L Weekends: Amore Gazebo is the perfect way of spending Valentine’s Day or a romantic evening with that special someone. Most of the items are mesh, excluding the clams, mussels and animated rose and chocolate piece. Total land impact is 36. Each piece is on sale for 60L or purchase the complete set for 240L until Monday, February 3rd.  Regular price will be 800L, individual pieces will be 300L. The dining table offers a complete meal beginning with appetizers of heart shaped sushi or clams and mussels on the half shell.  The entrees are heart shaped filet mignon or tuna, both with potatoes and asparagus. Last but not least is dessert which consists of  strawberry mousse and heart shaped chocolate mousse. Drinks are included. Animated sits. The table rezzes place settings and a centerpiece with  floating roses and heart shaped candles.  The Amore Couples bench is a great way of cuddling, enjoying a cup of coffee or to enjoy a dance before or after the meal.  The Amore Treats Table is menu driven and gives a animated rose, champagne and chocolate.  The Amore Gazebo includes 4 heart shaped topiary planters with red and white lights, there is a dvandva light switch included to turn the lights on and off and to select blinking or non blinking lights.  I hope you enjoy it :)

amore gazebo ad amore gazebo complete set ad amore treats table ad amore couples bench ad amore dining table

Sneak peek at February Hunt items: all beginning and will be available 2/1/14

Love Trinkets Hunt (I Do Wedding Network), Stupid Cupid2 Hunt (Evil Bunny Hunt) , The Cookie Jar Valentine Hunt (The Cookie Jar) , Welcome to the Neighborhood Hunt (Sour Pickles Hunt)

love trinkets hunt gift from pdn's potpourri 2014 stupid cupid hunt 2 sponsor gift stupid cupid hunt 2 gift from pdn's potpourri wnh gift from pdn's potpourri tcjvh gift from pdn's potpourri

Love Couples Lounge

60L Weekends Newness!!

Love Couples Lounge, land impact is 11, animated couples cuddles, gives champagne, includes all shown, roses, candle and rose petals, Perfect for those cozy nights by the fire. love couples lounge adSee previous post for Plum Crazy Keeping Warm Seating, remains 60L, sale ends soon!

2014 calendars (finally lol), sorry for the delay, but after 5 years, the calendar has changed a bit. Land impact remains at 1, The calendar will self update and there is a marker highlighting the current day, after quite a bit of testing, it’s ready!!  18 styles to choose from: Angels, African American Women, Baby, Bears, Black Love, Cats, Christian, Dogs, Female Hotties, Flowers, Hats, Jazz, Jazzy Shoe, Kiddie, Male Hotties, Shoe, Victorian & Vintage Cars.  I hope you enjoy them :)

2014 angels calendar ad 2014 african american women calendar ad 2014 baby calendar 2014 bears calendar ad 2014 christian calendar ad 2014 dogs calendar ad 2014 female hotties calendar ad 2014 flowers calendar ad 2014 male hotties calendar ad 2014 hats calendar ad 2014 jazz calendar ad 2014 black love calendar ad 2014 jazzy shoe calendar ad 2014 vintage cars calendar ad 2014 shoe calendar ad 2014 kiddie calendar ad 2014 victorian calendar ad 2014 cats calendar ad

60L Weekend Newness 1/17/14

Colab #88: Keeping Warm

Plum Crazy Seating features chairs, fireplace and rug. 100% mesh item with a land impact of 20. Texture change hud for chairs allows you to change entire chair, pillow and piping. 10 textures available. Mix and match. Working mantle clock that keeps sl time, Animated sits for males and females. Cover up with blanket. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. Turn fire on/off, crackling fire sound.colab 88 keeping warm plum crazy seating ad60L Weekends:

Valentine Dining Table for Two: 95% mesh, (some food items are sculpted). Land impact is 4 without rezzed items. Rezzes placesettings, vase of a dozen roses, candles and champagne. Rezzed items have a land impact of 2-8. Couples cuddle menu included. Animated sits. 55 food selections. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Delivers drinks. Perfect for a romantic evening with that special someone!

valentine table for two ad

Newness!! Couples Heart Sofa: 100% Mesh with a land impact of 13, Cuddles and Intimate menus MLP driven, Texture Change hud with 8 options. Half off promo!!                   plush couples heart sofa ad


60L Weekends: Male and Female (sold separately) Valentine Bear with long stemmed rose and conversation heart, Hud controlled (wear or rez inworld). Your choice of 8 sayings: 1) Be Mine 2) I Love You 3) Kiss Me 4) Hug Me 5) Text Me 6) XOXOXO 7) Call Me 8) Sweetheart.  100% mesh with a low land impact of 2 per bear.  The hud is configured to each bear to allow you to have different sayings on each one. Sale ends Monday, January 13th. Makes the perfect gift, transfers for gift giving.

valentine bear male ad valentine bear female ad

60L Weekends: Mesh banner with texture hud. 10 textures to choose from, land impact = 2, 100% Mesh

valentine banner adNew Release: Pennsylvania Chaise with 16 texture options, Preset textures or mix n’ match.  Change pillows, mattress and blankets separately.  100% Mesh, land impact is 4.  1/2 off regular price. 30 animated poses, gives objects and rezzes props.

pa chaise ad



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