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Colab #103: Theme is Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood Shelf: mesh, li=3, Copy/Mod only Texture hud changes the wood on the figurine faces, shelf or frame and metal on brackets.  Drag your own photo into center of frame.

colab 103  knock on wood shelf ad


60L Weekends

Modern Wood Bench: mesh, li=6, Copy only. seats 4 avis, 14 female animations, 14 male animations.  Texture hud change for wood, marble and plant.

modern wood bench ad


60L Newness 8/8/14

Don’t miss out on the mini hunt @ PDN’s Potpourri, ends 8/15/14

60L Weekends:: 2 gossip benches and a console table
Danielle’s’ Gossip Bench: mesh, li=7, animated sits, talk on the phone and more.  Texture hud included 14 pillow textures, 4 wood choices, 3 metal choices for the handles and 8 telephone colors.  Drawer and doors open and close.

danielles gossip bench ad


Nicole’s Gossip Bench, mesh, li=5, animated sits., Texture hud with same options as Danielle’s Gossip Bench. Drawer opens.

nicoles gossip bench ad


Kia’s Console Table: mesh, li=7, Decorative table with plant and telephone.  Texture hud with 28 options for the wood.  Choice of plain or engraved wood top.

kia console table ad

New!!! Pleasure Chair

60L Weekends:  100% mesh chair with a land impact of 5 with couples cuddles and adult animations too!!  Texture change hud included with 14 texture options.  A must have…

pleasure chair ad v2

PDN’s Potpourri is having it’s first mini hunt.  This hunt will coincide with the Evil Bunny’s Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2.  August 1 – 15th.  There are 6 items to find to complete the Denver Living room set, each piece is copy only.  Find the 6 potpourri jars to claim your gifts.   The first 3 items can be found inside and you will have to venture outside to find the remaining 3 items.  Have fun!!  The BLBH2 hunt is one hard hunt…..there are 5 decoys in addition to the hunt item.  The hunt item is an exclamation mark. BLBH hint: “What goes up, must come down. You will find me near something round.”

***Please note: Items 1-3 are located inside the store, items 4-6 will be found outside.   Enjoy!!

PDN’s Potpourri Hunt Hints:

1. …..and you thought this room was empty

2. Smells good in here!

3. Are you expecting a prince or princess.

4. Have a seat.

5. Cuddle on the bridge.

6.  The last one washed up on shore.

mini hunt ad bleeping bunny2 hunt gfit from PDN's Potpourri

60L Weekends: This week I have 4 different styles of wall art. For your kitchen or dining area, The Cultery Art has a li of 3 and features utensils on a linen backdrop, encased in a gold and silver frame.  The Fish Art (li of 8).  Butterfly Art (li of 5)  &  Lock n’ Key Art (li of 5) can be used anywhere.  Sure to spruce up your living space.  The fish art is made of hammered metal, and has 3 fish in decreasing sizes and metallic colors. The Butterfly Art has 3 copper butterflies on a swirled background and The Lock n’ Key Art is a shadow box with 2 locks and 2 keys in rusted metals encased behind glass..  I hope you enjoy them.

lock n key shadow box ad fish art ad butterfly art ad cutlery art ad


For this round the theme is backyard celebrations, I am offering a celebration dining table which can be used any time, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. The li is 6 without rezzed items, Rezzes place settings and centerpiece giving you the option of decreasing the total land impact.  Animated sits, serves drinks.  The Champagne bucket has a li of 5 and serves champagne and pink champagne.  It comes with the optional tray of champagne glasses for decor purposes only.  The Cupcake tower has a land impact of 11 and serves cupcakes.  You choose the flavor.!!

colab 100 celebration dining set colab 100 celebration cupcakes colab 100 celebration champagne

In case you missed the Colab specials, see the previous post :)

60L Weekends: Breeze Patio: includes umbrella, chairs and table.  Texture change hud with 6 texture options.  Land impact as shown is 10.  Add as many chairs as you like.  Choose a color theme or mix and match.  The chairs are labeled 1 and 2,  for more color selections.  Animated sits which give items and rez props.

breeze patio ad

Special item: Breeze Couples Chair-matches the Breeze Patio.  Texture hud. Land impact is 4.  Option to change each pillow individually.  Includes couples cuddles and an adult menu as well.  Copy only.

breeze patio couples chair ad

Colab #99: Weathered Beach House

For this round, I am offering a Weathered Beach Hut and some beachy décor!!  My beach décor consist of an animated plaque, shell clock and throw pillows.  All items are 100% mesh and copy.  The throw pillows have a li of 2.  Embroidered with the saying ” Life’s a Beach”, and an anchor, turtle and sea horse appliques.   The Shell Clock has a li of 9.  Consists of shells and starfish, keeps slt.  The plaque has the saying ” Sandy toes & salty kisses” and has an animated shoreline and ocean waves.  The li is 1.  The Weathered Beach Hut is the colab coordinate for this round and has a li of 18. It features 2 beach chairs and a hammock.  The chairs have single animations for males and females.  The hammock has couples cuddles and single animations too!!  The fabric on the chairs and pillows have 5 texture options via hud.  You also have the option of 8 textures for the hut and window.

colab coord 99 weathered beach hut-PDN's Potpourri

colab 99 weathered beach house- clock-PDN's Potpourri colab 99 weathered beach-plaque-PDN's Potpourri colab #99  weathered beach house-pillows-PDN's Potpourri

See previous post for Colab sale ending soon!!!!

60L Weekends: Window seats in 3 different styles, Shore, Blossom & Poppy.  Each feature animated windows, seats with animated sits for 1 or 2 avis.  Low land impact of 6-8.  The Shore Window Seat has a land impact of 7. animated beach scene window and features a dolphin statue and hanging sand dollar.  The Poppy Window seat has a land impact of 6, animated window of poppies blowing in the wind and features a vase of fresh cut poppies and poppy scented candle.  The Blossom Window Seat has a land impact of 8, animated window with a  cherry blossom tree with falling petals and features a vase of cherry blossoms and oriental cherry blossom fan.

window seat poppy ad window seat shore ad window seat blossom ad

Sales ending soon……

Colab #98: Fairy Garden: For this round I am offering stepping stones, a bottle tree and a flower seating (Colab Coordinate).  All items are mesh with low land impact.  The stepping stones have a li of 1, 6 stones in one prim, copy only, and are decorated in fantasy gem colored stones encased in fantasy wood, perfect for your fairy garden.  The fairy bottle tree will also spruce up your garden, it features whimsical multicolored bottles suspended from a tree, on collision you will hear gentle chimes. land impact is 4.  The flower has 2 chairs and a table, seating seats 2. single animations. Optional “fairy” grass included.  Land impact is 11, Texture hud for chair petals with 10 options.

colab 98 fairy garden bottle tree colab 98 fairy garden stepping stonescolab #98 Fairy Garden Flower Chair Seating

Please see previous post for Designer Warehouse information…..Sale ends today!!


60L Weekends:  Time to spruce up the outdoors!! Newness!!  4 New items, just in time for the weekend.  Sun Catchers, A Bottle Tree, Triple Planter and a Vertical Wall Garden.

Stained Glass Sun Catchers: pack of 3 sun catchers: Butterfly, Sphere and Heart shaped. 100% mesh with a land impact of 3.  These sun catchers can be used indoor or outdoors and gently rotate.  The bottle tree has a land impact of 4 and has 3 glass bottles suspended from a whimsical tree.  On collision, you will hear soothing chimes.  The triple planter has a land impact of 7 and has 3 bucket planters with flowers, each planter has a different design.  The Vertical Wall Garden has 6 terracotta pots with flowers. a gardening poster and water hose. This can be placed against any wall, (wall not included). Total land impact is 12.

stained glass suncatchers ad vertical wall garden ad triple pot planter ad bottle tree ad

Beached Bunny Hunt 4 begins on  June 1st and ends on the 15th. This is an event that you don’t want to miss.  As always, at the end of the hunt you will find some extra goodies.

BBH4 gift ad from PDN's Potpourri bbh4 sponsor gift from PDN's Potpourri



June 2014 Designer Warehouse: I am offering a Concrete Patio set in brown or grey with flowers and a fountain and round planter ring.  Total land impact is 14.  The exclusive can only be found at the designer warehouse, it’s a coordinating planter in 2 sizes (both included) with a li of 2.  These items will be available starting May 30th and ends on the 12th of June.

concrete planters grey ad v2 concrete planters brown ad v2concrete garden patio grey adconcrete garden patio brown ad


Last Chance to catch Colab #97: The Ants Go Marching – A picnic blanket which can be used by a single avi or a couple.  Animated sits. Touch the picnic basket for sandwiches & wine.  Couples poses are cuddles. Land impact is 10.  Special price is 60L. Sale ends on June 4th so make sure you visit before the price goes up!!

colab #97_The Ants Go Marching_PDN's Potpourri

Colab #97 Coordinate: a Gazebo Picnic Table. Seats 6. Animated sits.  Touch the table to rez placesettings and condiments.  Touch the plate to choose your favorite picnic food.  Land impact is 21.  Sale ends June 4th.

colab coord

The Cookie Jar is celebrating 3 years on the grid and there’s a whole lot happening.   Don’t miss it!!!  The 10L sales Garden begins on June 1st and will run until the 30th.  There are 10L items on sale from all the wonderful Cookie Jar Merchants.  There are also freebies for the Cookie Jar Group from these awesome designers.  The 2nd of June begins the ” Around Your Home & Garden Hunt”  This is a 1L hunt, make sure you pick up these goodies.

no place like home stepping stones ad spring cushion crates ad ladybug floor pillow ad seasonal flag hud ad around your home and garden hunt gift - PDN's Potpourri home sweet home throw pillows ad seasonal welcome mat ad



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